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Leave of Absence Overview – General Information

An official leave of absence is required for absences extending beyond 10 business days.

Note: When an employee plans to use annual leave or compensatory leave of up to thirty (30) days, keeping the use within the University’s leave policy and using it for vacation purposes only, a request for a leave of absence is not necessary; however departmental approval is still required. When using annual leave or leave without pay for over ten days due to medical reasons, a leave of absence must be requested.

A request for leave of absence must be requested and approved by Human Resources a minimum of thirty (30) days in advance for “foreseeable” events and/or as soon as possible, or within fourteen (14) days after an “unforeseeable” event.

Medical leaves in general are granted in ninety (90) day increments. The approval of any leave of absence, with pay or without pay, is at the discretion of the employee’s supervisors and the Chief Human Resources Officer.

While on an approved leave of absence, an employee may be in paid leave status when he/she is using accrued leave in accordance with UCF’s Leave Policy, or in unpaid leave status.

Paid Leave Status:

  • Employee is using accrued Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Compensatory Leave, or hours granted from the USPS Sick Leave Pool or the A&P/Faculty Sick Leave Pool.
  • The employee must complete a Leave and Pay Exceptions Report (LAPER) each biweekly pay period to document the leave usage. Faculty and A&P employees may use paid leave only during periods covered by a valid employment contract.
  • While in PAID Leave Status the employee/department must note/key in “LWO” (Leave without pay) for any normal work hours where accrued leave is not being used.
  • If continuing benefits while on leave, the employee is required to use a minimum of 10 accrued leave hours weekly (if available) per UCF Regulation 3.040.

Unpaid Leave Status :

  • An employee will automatically be placed in UNPAID leave status if they have no accrued leave at the start of their leave.
  • The employee’s department must submit an electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) to Employment Services & Records to place an employee in unpaid leave status if the employee runs out of accrued leave during a PAID status Leave.
  • When the employee returns to work, the department must submit an ePAF to return the employee from leave and back to active pay status (or the employee may not receive pay in the next pay period).