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Florida Disaster Volunteer Leave Act

An employee of the University of Central Florida may be granted a leave of absence with pay for not more than 15 work days in any 12 month period to volunteer for specialized disaster relief services. Such leave of absence may be granted upon the request of the employee and upon the approval of the employee’s employing agency after verifying the employee’s volunteer status. An employee granted leave under this section is not deemed to be an employee of the state for purposes of workers’ compensation. Leave under this act may be granted only for services related to a disaster occurring within the boundaries of the State of Florida, except that, with the approval of the university president or designee, leave may be granted for services in response to a disaster occurring within the states or territories of the United States.

An employee who is granted leave under this section must attest to his or her employing agency that her or she has completed his or her volunteer service for a disaster, and must also specify the period of time for which he or she served as a volunteer for that event and a description of the disaster response or recovery services that the employee provided.

Legal Sources:
* State of Florida Section 110.120 Florida Statutes

Leave of Absence Request – Personal