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Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence

The University will provide up to 3 days of unpaid leave (the leave may be paid if the employee has accumulated leave) to an employee who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence or has a family or house hold member who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence whose interests are not adverse to the employee as it relates to the domestic or sexual violence may take unpaid leave from work to address domestic or sexual violence by:

  1. Seek an injunction for protection against domestic violence or an injunction for protection in cases of repeat violence, dating violence, or sexual violence.
  2. Seeking medical attention for, or recovering from, physical or psychological injuries caused by domestic or sexual violence to the employee or the employee’s family or household member.
  3. Obtaining services from a victim services organization, including, but limited to a domestic violence shelter or program or a rape crisis center.
  4. Making the employee’s home secure from the perpetrator of domestic violence or finding a new home to escape the perpetrator.
  5. Seeking legal assistance to address issues arising from domestic violence or attending or preparing for court related proceedings arising from the act of domestic violence.

Family or household member means a spouse, parent, son, daughter and persons jointly residing in the same household.

The employee must provide the University with at least 48 hours advance notice of the employee’s intention to take the leave unless providing such notice is not practicable. The Leave of Absence Request Form will be utilized to request leave under this policy. You may reach out directly to the Assistant Director, Leave Administration, with questions. When an absence occurs, the University will not take any action against the employee if the employee provides documentation or certification of the event within 15 calendar days of the event or when requested by the University.

The University will require the employee to provide documentation or certification that the employee or the employee’s family or house hold member is a victim of domestic or sexual violence and the leave is for one of the purposes stated in the statute and listed above. The employee must provide such documentation or certification within 15 calendar days of the event or after the University has requested documentation or certification. Completing the Leave of Absence Request form initiates the process, and the employee shall provide:

  1. Documentation from an employee, agent, or volunteer of a victim service organization, an attorney, a member of the clergy, or a medical or other professional from whom the employee or the employee’s family or household member has sought assistance in addressing domestic or sexual violence and the effects of the violence.
  2. A police or court record: or
  3. Other corroborating evidence.

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