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Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence Overview – General Information

An official leave of absence is required for absences extending beyond 10 business days. Medical (for yourself or a family member) and Parental Leaves of Absence are the most common.

Note: When an employee plans to use annual Time Off or compensatory Time Off of up to thirty (30) days, keeping the use within the University’s leave policy and using it for vacation purposes only, a request for a leave of absence is not necessary; however departmental approval is still required. When using accrued Time Off for over ten days due to medical reasons, a leave of absence must be requested.

A request for leave of absence must be requested a minimum of thirty (30) days in advance for “foreseeable” events and/or as soon as possible, or within fourteen (14) days after an “unforeseeable” event. Reference Workday Knowledge Article “Request a Leave of Absence.”

The approval of any leave of absence is at the discretion of the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Leave of Absence Status:

  • Leave of Absences will also be designated as Family Medical Leave by the university, if applicable.
  • The employee must complete a request for Time Off in Workday in conjunction with all Leave of Absences to ensure accurate pay if they wish their absence to be paid. (Exception: In Unit Faculty Paid Parental Leave processes the Time Off automatically). Reference Workday Knowledge Article “Reporting Time While on Leave.”
  • Employees who are members may use hours granted from the USPS Sick Leave Pool or the A&P/Faculty Sick Leave Pool to maintain pay and benefit deductions.
  • Faculty may use paid leave only during periods covered by a valid employment contract.
  • Exempt employees on a Reduced Work Schedule or Intermittent Leave of Absence designated as Family Medical Leave must select the Unpaid FMLA type for FMLA time that should not be paid. Select the Unpaid Time Off type for non-FMLA time that should not be paid because accrued Time Off is not being used. Reference Workday Knowledge Article “Reporting Time While on Leave.”
  • If an employee chooses to use accrued Time Off, they are required to use a minimum of 10 hours weekly (if available) per UCF Regulation 3.040.
  • When the employee returns to the normal work schedule or transitions to another approved Leave of Absence: the employee must submit a Request Return from Leave of Absence in Workday to conclude the Leave of Absence. If the Leave of Absence is to care for a family member, no other action is required. If the Leave of Absence is for the employee’s own condition, they may not return to work without also providing a medical release to the Leave Specialist. Reference Workday Knowledge Article “Request a Leave of Absence.”

Sick Leave Pools

Sick Leave Pool-Request Hours

Sick pool members unable to work and wishing to request hours, please provide a completed Sick Leave Pool Request Form and a Certification of HealthCare Provider Form, if not already on file. An optional cover letter explaining when and why you need pool hours may be provided if you wish.

You must be on an authorized leave of absence for yourself in order to use sick leave pool hours.

Sick Leave Pool – Enrollment

A 16-hour contribution to the sick leave pool allows you and your UCF co-workers who are enrolled in the sick leave pool a chance to have up to a maximum of 12 weeks PAID leave when you need it most. Faculty, A&P, and USPS personnel are eligible to join a sick leave pool, which has open enrollment periods each March and September. Joining this Sick Leave Pool requires continuous employment with the university for more than one year. In addition, applicants are required to have a balance of at least 64 hours of unused sick leave from which sixteen must be donated upon acceptance into the sick leave pool. Part-time benefits-earning Faculty, A&P, and USPS employees must have a sick leave balance and donate sick leave hours to the pool in an amount that is proportionate to the full-time equivalency of their position.

It is a benefit to UCF employees to be able to access a sick leave pool; however, some people feel that they have a large bank of sick leave hours, and think that they are likely never going to be sick enough to use all of those hours, even if they are afflicted with a serious illness. So why else should someone volunteer sixteen of those many hours in order to join the UCF sick leave pool? The answer is simple—to offer your support to the UCF community. The sick leave pools have helped many of our co-workers through tremendously difficult times; unexpected surgeries, cancers, car accidents, chronic illnesses, and many more heartbreaking circumstances. The sick leave pool is a way to help people that you may see every day. When a member’s annual and sick leaves are exhausted, the sick leave pool can support up to a maximum of 12 weeks additional PAID leave.

Your donation of sixteen hours is all that is necessary to join and become eligible for the same benefits. Together we can support one another!

How do I apply to join the sick leave pool? During March or September, please apply via this Qualtrics survey.  Current members of the Sick Leave Pool do not need to rejoin during open enrollment.

How can I verify that I am enrolled in the sick leave pool?

Workers’ Compensation


Workers’ Compensation is “insurance” paid in full by UCF that provides coverage to an employee for a job-related injury or illness from the very first day of employment. Employees, who are injured or become ill due to the conditions of their job, receive partial income replacement and/or payment of expenses for medically necessary services under Workers’ Compensation. Job-related illnesses or injuries are not covered under the State Self-Insured Plan or any of the health maintenance organizations in the State Health Insurance Program. Claims for job-related conditions should not be filed under any of these plans. Employees sustaining a job related injury or illness must follow current procedures. The following information is provided for all employees including OPS and student assistants.

AmeriSys is the medical case manager for all Workers’ Compensation claims.

Any time an accident or an injury occurs, whether or not the employee wishes to seek medical care, it must be reported to AmeriSys. This should be done by the supervisor and employee, if available, as soon as possible.

International Travel Resources and Insurance
Faculty and Staff preparing to travel outside the United States on university sponsored trips should review the available resources and must register ahead of time.  While traveling, report any work related injury or illness promptly to your supervisor.  For medical referrals, treatment or evacuations, please contact the insurance company directly; contact information and resources are provided when you register 2-4 weeks prior to departure online. When treatment is sought using sources other than the Travel Insurance, please obtain an itemized bill so you can file a claim for reimbursement upon your return.  Please file any Travel Insurance claim and report the injury to AmeriSys within one week of your return to the USA.


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