Employee Sign-In Paperwork

All employees, including student employees, must complete employee sign-in paperwork in their hiring department. Please see the appropriate Sign-In Paperwork Information below.

Paperwork Information:

Upon receipt of the hiring ePAF and hiring documents, a representative from the Employment Services & Records section will review the hiring documents for correct completion before approving the Hire ePAF. From the list below, select the type of employee being hired for a listing of the required documents. For your convenience, each link is a printable document checklist for the required new employee sign-in documents.

Hiring Documents Checklist
A&P and Faculty
Adjunct Faculty
Graduate Assistantship (Job Codes 9181-9187)
Graduate Hourly Students (OPSGRD)
International/Non-Resident Aliens
Line to OPS Non-Student
Medical Residents
OPS Non-Student
OPS to Line
Post Doctoral Scholar
Rehiring an Employee
Student to Non-Student
Undergraduate Students

General Information:

Appointment of Individuals Holding Public Office
Conditions and Requirements for Employment
Employment of Relatives
Electronic I-9 Form
Student/Non-Student Job Code

Separation Procedures

Termination Checklist
Resignation Form
Employee Exit Checklist