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Employee Sign-In Paperwork

All employees, including student employees, must complete employee sign-in paperwork to be placed on payroll. Onboarding Delegate or HR Liaison is responsible for the overseeing the accuracy and timely submission of the sign-in paperwork.

Paperwork Information:

Use the following checklists if the individual was NOT processed through the PageUp system.  Review the Electronic Onboarding information following this section for employees processed through PageUp. Upon receipt of the hiring ePAF and sign-in documents, a representative from the Employment Services & Records section will review the hiring documents for accuracy and completion before approving the Hire ePAF. From the list below, select the type of employee being hired for a listing of the required documents. For your convenience, each link is a printable document checklist for the required new employee sign-in documents.

Electronic Onboarding:

Electronic Onboarding will be available for employees recruited through the PageUp Talent Management System. Employees recruited through the PageUp system will complete their onboarding tasks through the Knights Welcome Center. The following guides are for the Onboarding Delegates within the department who are responsible for monitoring employees’ onboarding tasks and completing their own onboarding tasks.

Monitor Employees’ Onboarding Tasks
Complete Onboarding Tasks

General Information:

Appointment of Individuals Holding Public Office
Conditions and Requirements for Employment
Employment of Relatives
Electronic I-9 Form
Student/Non-Student Job Code

Separation Procedures:

Termination Checklist
Resignation Form
Employee Exit Checklist