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Talent Acquisition

Liaisons & Supervisors


Talent Acquisition is a focus on not simply filling positions, but on the ongoing process of human  capital management from a strategic point of view. Some functions of this area include:

  • Approving postings and advertising positions with external sources
  • Assisting with recruitment strategies and workforce planning, providing recruitment metrics and analytics
  • Conducting pre-employment background checks
  • Providing training and guidance in the hiring process
  • Reviewing and approving hires to ensure compliance with university, state, and federal guidelines

Recruitment Resources

This area is designed to provide easy access to instruction and resources for the full recruitment cycle from position vacancy through onboarding.


  • Creating a Job Card/Requisition

    • To advertise a vacancy on the UCF website, a job card (requisition) to post the position must be created in the PageUp Talent Management System. For more detailed information on how to create a job posting on PageUp, please visit the “UCF PageUp Reference Guide”. All job cards without exemptions are required to be posted for a minimum of five (5) business days. Positions may be listed as  “open until filled”.  The department will change the posting to a closed date prior to the finalist being selected.
    • Request to post job cards are due to Talent Acquisition by noon on Tuesday. Requisitions received after this posting deadline will be reviewed for the following week’s posting. Requests to repost positions via email are due to Talent Acquisition by noon on Thursday. All new postings are listed each week beginning on Friday at 12:01 a.m.
    • All positions must be advertised and posted with minimum qualifications as designated on the class specification. All other job-related qualifications must be listed as “preferred qualifications.”  Preferred qualifications are required for all A&P & USPS postings. Search criteria must be applied to all timely candidates.  Candidates who apply to USPS postings will be released to the hiring departments on the Friday following the posting close date by Talent Acquisition.  A department has the option to post multiple vacancies with same position title, work location and work schedule on one job posting.
    • Resources-


  • Advertising the Position

    • A hiring official may choose to advertise to UCF employees exclusively. These internal postings do not require a second source of advertising. USPS or OPS positions posted externally are not required to have an advertisement source in addition to the UCF Careers site but have the option to utilize outside sources if they chose too. In addition to posting to the UCF Careers site, A&P positions must be advertised, in at least one outside source (published in hard copy or electronic version) to attract a broad pool of applicants. Talent Acquisition provides several options for online ads.  Please contact Talent Acquisition for more information.  Professional organizations’ websites and listservs are also acceptable second sources of advertising.
    • “Achieving diversity and inclusion at UCF is a team effort.” In partnership with Talent Acquisition and the Office of Institutional Equity, hiring officials will make outreach efforts that encourage all qualified individuals to apply and will source high-performing candidates from all segments of our society.  Examples of actions hiring officials can take include communicating vacancies to informal professional networks, posting vacancies on professional organizations’ websites, and ensuring diversity in the search committee/interview panel.”
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  • Employment References

    • Employment Reference checks should be initiated using the electronic reference check function in PageUp Talent Management System. If the hiring manager decides to call the reference to complete the employment reference form, documentation of the completed reference checks must be uploaded into PageUp on the Document tab utilizing the appropriate Telephone Reference Form. This form can be located on Human Resources website under (A – Z Index).
    • The hiring official may perform reference checks on all the finalists, successful interviewees or just the selected candidate. However, at least two employment reference checks must be completed on the selected candidate.  The hiring official also has the option to request a Letter of recommendation and/or add additional reference questions to the approved UCF employment references.  In order of requirement:
      • Employment references should be obtained from current or previous supervisors/managers who can provide job-related information about the candidate (members of interview panel or search committee are not permitted to serve as references).
      • If item #1 is not possible, references may be obtained from someone in a supervisory/managerial chain of command position who has had a working/reporting relationship with the candidate.
      • If the department is unable to secure item #1 or item #2, please contact Talent Acquisition.
      • Persons contacted for reference checks should be advised that their comments will be used in making the selection decision and will become public record.
    • Resources-


  • Preparing the Offer

    • Once a selection is made, the hiring official should complete, or ensure the search committee has completed, at least two reference checks on the selected candidate. The hiring department’s HR liaison will need to obtain at least a copy of the original transcript of the highest degree earned from the selectee (if the position minimum requirements include a degree requirement). As well as change the status of all the applicants in the PageUp system ( to reflect the selected candidate, and non-selection rationale should be entered for all remaining applicants.
      • Note: A copy of the transcript is acceptable for processing; however, an official transcript must be submitted to Talent Acquisition within 30 days of the hire date for domestic transcript. Original official international transcripts must be submitted to Talent Acquisition within 90 days of the hire date and verification with translation and approved accreditation will be required. A list of the approved agencies is listed under Educational Translations and Evaluations in the A-Z Index on the Human Resources website. If the official sealed transcript is mailed or electronically sent by school or clearinghouse directly to the hiring department, the department may open the sealed/emailed transcript, verify receipt of the highest degree indicated on the application, and add the reviewer’s initials and date before forwarding the official document to Talent Acquisition. Official transcripts can be submitted to Talent Acquisition by email, uploading the transcript to the job card under documents tab in PageUp or by interoffice mail.
    • Submitting an Offer Card – The offer card is typically the first point for initiating an offer process for an applicant by the hiring department’s HR liaison. It stores information on the applicant’s individual offer. An offer card is required for every hire, and an approval process must be identified when submitting an offer card. The information is captured so that it can be merged into an offer letter.
      • The offer card contains the following:
        • Personal Details
        • Job Details
        • Position Details
        • Offer Details
        • Onboarding Details
        • Additional documents (i.e., department offer/welcome, relocation agreement)
    • Documentation needed for offer card Talent Acquisition approval
      • The following additional documentation should be uploaded by the hiring department’s HR liaison in PageUp on the “Documents” tab if applicable:
      • A copy of the secondary advertising source must be uploaded (for A&P).
      • Copy of official/unofficial transcript. In lieu of uploading the transcripts, it can also be sent interoffice.  Should you receive an electronic transcript the department may verify receipt of and add the reviewer’s initials and date before forwarding the official document to Talent Acquisition.
      • If search committee was utilized, search committee meeting notices should be uploaded. For each notice there should be a corresponding document reflecting the meeting minutes.
      • A copy of any waiver(s) or exemption(s) to the hire process that were granted by (OIE) Office of Institutional Equity or Talent Acquisition.
      • Employment of relatives form with the appropriate organizational chart (if applicable).
      • A copy of any preliminary compensation analysis (if applicable).
      • A copy of telephone employment references (if applicable).
    • Offer cards should be carefully reviewed prior to submission to ensure that all applicable fields and documentation needed have been accurately completed. If the hiring packet is submitted incomplete, the offer card will be declined and sent to the hiring department for completion before it will be processed.
    • Resources-


  • OPS Temporary Hiring

    • OPS Hiring recruited through PageUp
      • If utilizing PageUp for search, the Talent Acquisition hiring guidelines for interviews must be followed.
      • Once an offer card is created for the selected applicant, the workflow will include Talent Acquisition, who will determine if a background check is required.
      • Remember to insert the Background Check point of contact.
      • If a background check is required, the selected applicant will receive an email from Truescreen, Inc our third-party background check vendor, directing them to a secure website to authorize their criminal background check.
      • If a background check waiver is granted, you will receive an approved background waiver email. Once the year expires the Hiring Department must submit a Background Check Request Form to Talent Acquisition to perform the background check. The employee will not need to complete the short application if they are in the same position hired into in PageUp.
    • Background Check Procedures for OPS Employees not recruited through PageUp
      • Utilize the Background Check Request form (Qualtrics)
      • Allow two weeks for background checks to be processed.
      • Individual cannot be hired or begin to work until HR-Talent has cleared the background check.
      • Hiring department must submit the Online Background Check Request Form to initiate the background check or send an email to [email protected] to request a background check waiver for international employees who do not have a Social Security Number. Verify with the international employee prior to their arrival at UCF if they have a Social Security Number.
      • The department must wait to receive the background check approval/waiver email from HR-Talent or Conditional Offer of Employment Letter prior to submitting the ePAF or permitting the employee to begin employment with UCF. Attach a copy of the background check approval/waiver email or applicable conditional offer of employment letter to the Hire ePAF. ePAFs without the appropriate approvals will be recycled back to the department.
    • Human Resources recommends hiring OPS student and/or OPS non-student employees on the first day of the pay period. Background checks are required for all OPS employee classifications, with the exception of undergraduate student employees.
    • Upon receipt of the hiring ePAF and sign-in paperwork documents, a representative from the Employment Services & Records will review the documents for accuracy and completeness. From the list below, select the OPS classification being hired for a listing of the required documents. For your convenience, each link is a printable document checklist for the required new employee sign-in paperwork.
      • Graduate Assistantships (Job Codes 9181-9187)
      • Graduate Hourly Students (OPSGRD)
      • OPS Non-Student
      • Undergraduate Students

Executive Search Firm and Temporary Labor Resources

There may be times when it is necessary to engage a temporary search firm or executive search firm to enlarge the recruitment pool. Vendors approved by the Office of Procurement Services should be used whenever possible. If an approved vendor is not utilized, it will be necessary to complete an ITN or contact UCF Procurement Services for additional options.

UCF Human Resources has teamed up with PageUp to provide an enhanced candidate experience from application to onboarding. PageUp, delivers a set of tools for managing job postings and applicant information.  In addition, interviews and other events can be scheduled, offers can be initiated and tracked, and employee onboarding can be managed, all in one location during and after the hiring process. It provides oversight into the numerous organizational units and empowers teams to organize and monitor a large volume of postings and applicants.


PageUp allows the users (Provost, Deans, Chairs, Hiring Managers, HR Liaisons, etc.) the ability to view and track applicants through the recruitment life cycle in real time.  In addition, users will receive system-automated emails and can complete the following tasks within PageUp:

  • Review and manage job postings and their statuses
  • Manage and communicate with applicants
  • Schedule interviews and other events
  • Check applicant’s references
  • Create offers
  • Manage employee onboarding tasks

Tools & Training

PageUp Reference Guide

PageUp Talent Management Training Documents

Post-Doc Scholar Job Card Submission Instructions

PageUp Security Access Form

PageUp Recruitment & Onboarding (PER128) Webcourse

  • PER128 for PageUp Recruitment & Onboarding web course – This training is recommended for Hiring Managers and Staffing Coordinators responsible for the recruitment and onboarding of new hires within their department. The PageUp Recruitment & Onboarding Training will take you through a series of simulations on how to review and manage job postings, manage and communicate with applicants, schedule interviews and other events, check references, create offers, and manage employee onboarding tasks.  You will learn these necessary steps and about the resources available. The course will take approximately 2 hours.


  • PER 232 Recruitment and Selection workshop – This training is recommended for Hiring Managers, Staffing Coordinators, and HR Liaisons responsible or assist with the recruitment and selection of applicants withing their department. The Recruitment and Selection workshop will provide information on the following:
    • Recruitment process
      • Position review and job postings
      • Interview Panel vs. Search Committee
      • Recruitment plans
      • UCF Guidelines
    • Selection Process
      • Application reviews and applicant preferences
      • Equitable Hiring Practices
      • Interviewing
      • References


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