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Hiring Toolkit

This area is designed to provide easy access to instruction and resources for the full recruitment cycle from position vacancy through onboarding.

  • Advertising the Position

    • A hiring official may choose to advertise to UCF employees exclusively. These internal postings do not require a second source of advertising. USPS or OPS positions posted externally are not required to have an advertisement source in addition to the UCF Careers site but have the option to utilize outside sources if they chose too. In addition to posting to the UCF Careers site, A&P positions must be advertised, in at least one outside source (published in hard copy or electronic version) to attract a broad pool of applicants. Talent Acquisition provides several options for online ads.  Please contact Talent Acquisition for more information.  Professional organizations’ websites and listservs are also acceptable second sources of advertising.
    • “Achieving diversity and inclusion at UCF is a team effort.” In partnership with Talent Acquisition and the Office of Institutional Equity, hiring officials will make outreach efforts that encourage all qualified individuals to apply and will source high-performing candidates from all segments of our society.  Examples of actions hiring officials can take include communicating vacancies to informal professional networks, posting vacancies on professional organizations’ websites, and ensuring diversity in the search committee/interview panel.”
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  • Employment References

    • Employment Reference checks should be initiated using the electronic reference check function in PageUp Talent Management System. If the hiring manager decides to call the reference to complete the employment reference form, documentation of the completed reference checks must be uploaded into PageUp on the Document tab utilizing the appropriate Telephone Reference Form. This form can be located on Human Resources website under (A – Z Index).
    • The hiring official may perform reference checks on all the finalists, successful interviewees or just the selected candidate. However, at least two employment reference checks must be completed on the selected candidate.  The hiring official also has the option to request a Letter of recommendation and/or add additional reference questions to the approved UCF employment references.  In order of requirement:
      • Employment references should be obtained from current or previous supervisors/managers who can provide job-related information about the candidate (members of interview panel or search committee are not permitted to serve as references).
      • If item #1 is not possible, references may be obtained from someone in a supervisory/managerial chain of command position who has had a working/reporting relationship with the candidate.
      • If the department is unable to secure item #1 or item #2, please contact Talent Acquisition.
      • Persons contacted for reference checks should be advised that their comments will be used in making the selection decision and will become public record.
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