No relatives shall be employed by, transferred to, or promoted within a single unit, department, or college where a direct or indirect supervisory relationship or conflict of interest exists or any situation which place relatives in a foreseeable conflict between the interests of the university and the interests of the relatives. UCF does not permit the appointment, transfer, or promotion within the same chain of command.

Relative is anyone related to an employee, including, where applicable, (foster, adopted, step-, grand-, half-, in-law, or great-) parent, child, sibling, first cousin, spouse, domestic partner, significant other, uncle, aunt, nephew, and niece. Persons who intend to marry or with whom the employee intends to form a domestic partnership or other intimate relationship are included in the definition of relative.

For the purpose of this process, employment includes appointments to a position in any pay plan, temporary or casual employment, or paid student positions such as OPS student assistants, graduate assistants, research assistants, or OPS non-student employees.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that proper procedure is followed when hiring a relative of a current UCF employee. Additionally, a new form must be completed if there is a change in reporting structure or employee relationship. Please submit one completed and signed form for each relationship.

  • The Employment of Relatives Form must be completed and submitted to the Faculty Excellence (MH351) for Faculty, Adjuncts, Post-Doctoral Associates, and teaching/research undergraduate/graduate students. For additional information, please contact the Faculty Excellence at 407-823-1113.
  • The Employment of Relatives Form must be completed and submitted to Human Resources for A&P, USPS, OPS hourly students, and OPS hourly non-students

For additional information, please refer to the Employment of Relatives Policy #3-008.2, located here.

For questions or concerns, please contact Employment Services & Records at (407) 823-2771 or