Conditions and Requirements for Employment

The following items are conditions and requirement for employment at the University of Central Florida:

Direct Deposit

During New Employee Sign-In, all employees must complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form as a condition of employment, as indicated on the employment application. If the employee chooses a checking account option, a voided check, or a letter from the employee’s bank verifying the account information and signed by a bank employee, must also be submitted.

New Employee Orientation

During the New Employee Sign-In, all line employees will be scheduled to attend New Employee Orientation, which covers university policies, procedures, and benefits. Orientation is held each Friday, pay day. The department notifies HR of the new employee’s scheduled Orientation on the Orientation Notice. Please note that department must submit an Orientation Notice to HR (as part of the complete hire packet) no later than 5 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled Orientation, so that we may act accordingly.

Social Security Number

During New Employee Sign-In, all employees will also be required to provide his/her Social Security Number. Please review the following document for a listing of the types of scenarios under which UCF will collect and use Social Security Numbers: Notice of SSN Usage
If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the Employment Services & Records section at (407) 823-2771.