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Employment Services and Records

Current Employees

Employment Services & Records

Employment Services & Records is responsible for a number of different functions that encompasses the accurate and timely processing of employee data/personnel actions, onboarding compliance, record keeping, maintenance of the personnel file, and responding to data and records requests.


  • I handle the I-9s in my department. When must the I-9 Form be completed?

    There are two sections to the form. Section I must be completed by the first day of hire and Section 2 must be completed no later than the 3rd day of hire. For more information, please click here.

  • I’m a current employee who recently earned a new degree. How do I update my record with my degree?

    For USPS, A&P, and OPS employees  you will need to complete the Degree Information Update Form and attach original transcripts to the form (unless you earned your degree from UCF) and submit to Human Resources. For faculty, adjuncts, and post-doctoral scholars, complete this form.

  • I’m a new hire who will be responsible for the HR functions in my department. What type of training do I need to take to gain access to the system?

    Please see the training courses. Notify your department once those courses have been completed, and they will submit a security form for you to gain access to the system.

  • I’m the HR Liaison in my department, can I complete employment verifications for my employees?

    No, employment verifications are handled via The Work Number or Central Human Resources. If you have received a form from the employee, please forward to [email protected]. Or refer the individual to The Work Number.

  • I’ve changed my name. How do I update my record to reflect my new name?

    Complete the Personal Data Sheet and attach a copy of your Social Security Card to the form. Please either submit via secure fax number to 407-882-9047 or mail to Human Resources. Do not submit via email unless using industry standard encryption.