Massage Therapy

Students, faculty and staff have the opportunity for discounted massage therapy services performed by a licensed massage therapist.


Faculty and Staff Wellness Research Center

The Wellness Research Center (WRC) is a work-site wellness program for faculty and staff. Housed in the Education Building, this fitness center offers strength, flexibility  and aerobic conditioning equipment as well as fitness services.


Recreation and Wellness Center

Employees of the University of Central Florida have an opportunity to buy a membership in the Recreation and Wellness Center. There are different memberships available to choose from, with most of them having promotional rates for new members.


Relaxation Station

Relaxation Station is a FREE walk-in service and is available to all students, staff and faculty during regular business hours. Relaxation Station is located in multiple locations across campus. 


Biofeedback: Relaxation Training Program

Is stress affecting your concentration, physical or emotional well-being? Your Biofeedback relation training specialist will teach you relaxation techniques while monitoring several physical responses like heart rate and muscle tension. You will learn to improve your health and performance by using these signals from your body and the techniques learned in this program. Free initial screening & assessment; $10 per session (up to 6). 


FreshU Grown at UCF

FreshU offers workshops, food demos, and other educational experiences to increase accessibility to fresh food, teach people to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diets, and reduce food waste. You can find the Tower Gardens around the Student Union, RWC, and Housing.