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Tuition Waiver Program

The University offers tuition assistance to eligible employees in the form of tuition waivers, good for up to six credit hours of coursework per semester. Eligible employees include USPS, A&P, Faculty and Executive Service and courses are restricted to those taken at UCF.

Important: To be eligible for the employee tuition waiver, employees must first meet the University’s admission requirements and be accepted at the University as a student. In order to register for a class that you wish the waiver to be applied to, you will first need to apply for admission (even if you are a non-degree seeking student). This is a separate procedure, and should be completed in advance of your class registration, as you will not be able to register unless you have been accepted as a student through admissions. Additional information for how to apply can be found here.


UCF Regulation 3.0031: Tuition Waiver Benefit Programs

Tuition Waiver Form: Employee

Tuition Waiver Form: Dependent Child/Spouse

Frequently Asked Questions


The Employee Tuition Waiver Program is administered by Student Accounts and they can be reached at (407) 823-2433 or at for more information.