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Company Directory

The University of Central Florida’s Human Resources Department is pleased to announce the availability of Company Directory via the myUCF portal.

You can now visually view a person within the context of the university and reporting structure. It will display a three-tiered graphical representation that will focus on a person and where they fit within the reporting structure.

Company Directory also has a Profile page which enables users to view profile details about a person, such as job specifics, and provides access to additional contact information.

  • No more 3rd party org-chart-generating software
  • No more manual entry into Visio
  • No more policies and procedures keeping the organization’s org chart current
  • No more discrepancies between in-database and out-of-database direct reporting information

Just one up-to-date, easily accessible, functional organizational chart.

>As of October 13, 2017, Employee’s Business Phone Number are now available in the Company Directory.

Video presentation on UCF Company Directory.

View and/or download a pdf document on Getting Started.

View and/or download a pdf document on how to download the organizational chart to MS Visio.

Attention HR Liaisons:

Now that Company Directory is live, you will see opportunities where employees are reporting to the wrong Manager/Supervisor.

If that is the case, please submit corrections via the Edit Existing Job – ePAF form. Depending on the employee’s paygroup, you will either be updating the employee’s Reports to field or the Supervisor ID field.

Updates to an employees’ record will be reflected on the Company Directory structure within one business day after the ePAF has been approved by HR-Records and loaded to the PeopleSoft HCM system.

Also…to help with spreading the word on the new Company Directory, post this flyer in a common area.

Company Directory FAQs

My business phone number is incorrect or is missing?

Please have the appropriate individual within your department submit the update to

When viewing Company Directory from the myUCF portal the search page is cut off, how can I fix that?

  • You can use your browser scroll bars to view the search page and its links completely.
  • You can collapse the myUCF menu to give you a full display of Company Directory
  • You may also use the following keyboard combinations to zoom in or zoom out as well as reset your display to normal view.
    • CTRL + will increase the view display
    • CTRL – will decrease the view display
    • CTRL 0 (zero) will set your screen back to the default size

Why does the Years of Service seem shorter than I expected?

Years of Service is your continuous service with the university.

Why is my title different?

Company Directory reflects your Job Title which is different than your Position Title which you are used to. The Compensation Team is working on a project that will correct this issue. Go Live Date is unknown at this time.

How soon, after changes are made to my reporting structure, will they appear on Company Directory?

First the ePAF, with changes to your reporting structure, will need to be fully approved by the HR-Records Team. There is a process that will run every night which will update the tables behind the scenes. Changes will be available in the Company Directory the next business day after the ePAF loads to the PeopleSoft HCM system.

Will I be able to see a full Organizational Chart of my entire department?

You will not be able to see a chart of your entire department online. You will only see either a 2 or 3 tiered chart depending if the person in focus has direct reports. You do have an option to download a larger chart to MS Visio as long as the person in focus is the head of the department.

I can not see the entire Org Chart, how can I scroll to see the rest of it?

The Org Chart appears with a navigator widget and zoom bar in the upper left-hand corner of the chart. Use the directional arrows to navigate left, right, up, or down. Click the dot in the center of the widget to center the chart on the focus node. If all of the nodes fit within the visible area of the chart, this widget does not appear.

Can I zoom in to see more detail?

Yes. There is a zoom in feature (plus sign) to see more detail about a person in the node. As you zoom out (negative sign), you will see more nodes on a level associated with the hierarchical structure but less detail on each individual node.

Why am I not showing up on Company Directory?

It’s probably because you are currently reporting to a vacant position or your manager/supervisor is reporting to a vacant position in which has had recent changes to its reporting structure. If there had been no changes to the reporting structure of the vacant position, then Company Directory would have assigned you to the next active employee up the position chain. Once the vacant position is filled, you will be in Company Directory.

Why does Company Directory show me as reporting to the wrong person?

It’s probably because you are reporting to a person that is no longer active, so Company Directory assigns you to the next active employee up the position chain. Please work with your departmental HR Liaison to have this corrected.

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