Compensation Actions Checklist

Some Compensation actions may require supporting documents.  The following link provides a complete list of compensation actions and their supporting documents.


Position Descriptions

A position description is a document that specifically identifies the objectives, duties, and responsibilities of a position. The position description forms for A&P and USPS positions are located on the HR website under Forms & Documents.

The following links provide helpful tips for writing position descriptions.


Submitting an Updated Application

Some Compensation Actions require an updated employment application. The following links provide instructions for completing and submitting updated employment applications.


Written Justification

Detailed written justification is needed for compensation actions resulting in a salary increase, such as a reclassification, a special pay increase, or a new hire salary request beyond the typical pay practices. The written justification must be detailed and straightforward in order for HR-Compensation to analyze and substantiate the need for the requested compensation action. A one-sentence written justification typically does not suffice and may cause a delay in the processing of the compensation action request.

When submitting a written justification, it is important to ensure that the compensation action request clearly explains the business need for the action. The written justification must include in detail how the position has changed, evolved, or increased in regards to the primary job duties, such as the following:

  • Accountability of the employee in carrying out his/her job duties;
  • Level of responsibility (i.e. job duties);
  • Level of complexity;
  • Span of supervision exercised; and/or
  • Re-Organization of the college or department.

For submitting written justifications, please do the following:

  • For Hire or Edit ePAFs, attach the written justification to the ePAF or include the justification in the Comments box of the ePAF.
  • For Position Change ePAFs, include the justification in the Comments box of the ePAF or email the written justification to
  • For New Hires (PeopleAdmin), email the written justification to

If organizational charts for your college or department are available, please submit with the written justification as noted above.


Budget Entities


Budget entities are located on the List of Departments/Projects with Attributes spreadsheet (under UCF Financials ChartField List) on the Finance and Accounting (F&A) website.  Budget entities are located in Column H (Budget Entity).

Budget entities are also located in PeopleSoft in the Department Table (PeopleSoft  > Set UP HRMS > Foundation Tables > Organization > Departments).  After searching by department number, the third tab (Cf Dept Extra1 – Budget Ent Xlat) will indicate the budget entity.





COM – Faculty Practice Plan







Budget entity definitions can be found on the F&A website.


Approval Process for a Compensation Override by the President and Vice Presidents

The following link shows the current process for requesting a Compensation override by the President and Vice Presidents.