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Police Benevolent Association (PBA)

The Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc. (PBA) represents  sworn law enforcement officers, corporals, sergeants, and investigators employed in regular positions by the University of Central Florida.


2021-2024 UCF BOT PBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (Original)

2022-2023 Reopened Articles Ratified November 16, 2023

2021-2024 UCF BOT PBA CBA with incorporated reopened articles ratified November 16, 2023

United Faculty of Florida (UFF)

The United Faculty of Florida (UFF) is an affiliate of the Florida Education Association (FEA). The organization has the responsibility for collective bargaining representation of all in-unit faculty (and about 40 A&P employees) at UCF.  In-unit faculty and A&P employees generally do not have supervisory responsibilities and comprise the bulk of our instructional unit.  Collective Bargaining with UFF is coordinated by UCF Academic Affairs (407-823-2302). To link to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the latest version is available at:

In-Unit vs. Out-of-Unit

Every regular position at UCF is classified as either “in-unit” (part of a “bargaining unit” and therefore covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement or CBA) or “out-of-unit” (not covered by a CBA).

The Collective Bargaining Agreement or CBA, is a contract which lays out certain terms and conditions of employment for in-unit employees.

The terms and conditions of a CBA apply to every employee whose job is classified in-unit, regardless of whether the employee is a dues-paying member of the union or not.

A “bargaining unit” includes all employees in jobs classified as in-­unit by the CBA negotiated between the University’s Board of Trustees and each union.

At UCF, there are three employee unions certified by PERC, the Public Employees Relations Commission of Florida. The unions are certified to represent employees at UCF who are part of a bargaining unit.

When UCF was part of the State, the union contracts were negotiated at a State level and applied to all SUS universities. State universities were devolved from the State in 2002.

Currently there are three bargaining units at UCF consisting of:

  • Primarily nine-month Faculty employees ( click here, then to Appendix A) for positions at UCF that are classified in the bargaining unit or “in-unit” and are represented by UFF, the United Faculty of Florida.
  • Many USPS employees are represented by AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, in one of three units and are therefore “in-unit.” (Click here , then to Appendix A) to view the table of job codes included in AFSCME’s Blue Collar Unit, the Administrative-Clerical Unit and the Other Professionals Unit, here at UCF.
  • Law Enforcement Officers, Corporals and Sergeants – all sworn and certified University Police Officers, Corporals and Sergeants in job codes 126, 127, and 128 are classified as in-unit and represented by PBA, the Police Benevolent Association.

Administrative, Executive, and Temporary/OPS positions, as well as Staff positions that have been designated as “confidential” or “managerial” by PERC at UCF, are not covered by any Collective Bargaining Agreement. These positions are “out-of-unit.”

All jobs currently classified as in-unit are listed in the respective CBA.