Leadership Foundations Series is designed for individual contributors (employees with no direct reports) who have been identified as high potential to be successful in future leadership opportunities. Ideally, these individuals are thought to be ready to lead others within two years and have had little to no formal leadership training. Participation in this program in no way guarantees a promotion, but ensures participants are prepared to be competitive in the applicant pool when a position becomes available. Participants must be nominated by director level or above, and their supervisor must support their participation.
Leadership in Action Series is designed for individuals who have been promoted or hired into a people manager role within the last two years and have had little to no formal leadership training. It is recommended that participants have been in their role for at least 6 months when the series begins. Participants must have a letter of support from their supervisor indicating that they will support the employee in participating in all the class sessions and out of class assignments. There are three parts to the curriculum – general leadership skills, UCF-specific knowledge, and an action project.

Leadership Book Club