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UCF Retirement Association

What is the UCF Retirement Association?

The UCF Retirement Association (UCFRA) was established as a non-profit organization in 1989 through the efforts of recently retired personnel and the Human Resources Office, along with the support of Presidents Trevor Colbourn and Steven Altman. The Association was established to promote the general welfare of retirees and the campus community. The Constitution and By-laws of the Association were originally adopted on September 29, 1989.

The Association has two representatives on the UCF Benefits Committee – one representing faculty and one representing staff – to monitor proposed changes that may affect retirees.

Please see the UCF Retirement Association Quarterly Newsletter for current information.

 The Purposes of the UCFRA

  • To promote fellowship and the exchange of information among UCF retirees.
  • To encourage UCF retirees to maintain their identity with the University through the activities of the Association.
  • To keep retirees informed about campus issues, State changes in retirement administration and health benefits, legislative action affecting retirees, etc.
  • To share laughs with old colleagues and new friends enjoying retirement.

Benefits for UCFRA Members

  • I.D. Cards– A regular faculty/staff I.D. card may be exchanged for a retiree I.D. card at the time of retirement. These cards, which entitle retirees to all faculty and staff privileges that require possession of an I.D. card, are available at the UCF Card Office which is located across from the Bookstore.
  • Parking– Members are eligible to receive free parking permits that allow parking anywhere on campus except in spaces set aside for the disabled, visitors, and reserved or metered parking spaces. Applications to renew the permits are mailed to members with the late summer/early fall newsletter.
  • Library Privileges– Members retain library privileges. Special extended privileges may be requested from the Library for individual research projects.
  • Campus Discounts– Members are entitled to a 10% discount on logo items upon presentation of their I.D. card at the UCF Bookstore. Special pricing on computers and software is available at the Computer Store.

Eligibility for Membership

All retired UCF faculty, administrators, USPS, and A&P personnel are eligible to become Regular Members of the UCF Retirement Association. Anyone who is a State of Florida retiree and who has had a relationship with UCF may be invited by the Board to become an Associate Member.

Retirement Association Membership Application for New Retirees

Retirement Association Membership Renewal Application


General membership meetings are held each fall and spring semester in conjunction with luncheon gatherings. Other meetings, if needed, may be called by the Board of Directors. The meetings are organized, fast-paced, timely, and entertaining…quite different from some of the meetings you may have attended before.


Dues, which are paid annually, are due each January 1 for the year. Currently, annual dues are $20, payable through the Treasurer of the Association. At the end of the year and after money is set aside to begin a new year, unused money may be contributed by action of the Board to various University approved programs that may need outside support.

UCFRA Board Of Directors

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors that is elected by the membership at the annual fall meeting which is held in October. In addition, there are many opportunities for members to serve as volunteers on various Association committees. Current Board members include:

Jean Kijek, President



Mary McKinney, Vice President



John Salter, Treasurer



TBA, Secretary


Helen Hill, Immediate Past President



Walter Bogumil, Board Member



A.J. Range, Board Member


Jay Brophy-Ellison, Board Member


Bill Blank, Board Member


Jeanie Rutenkroger, Membership

Bill Blank, Newsletter Editor