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Peter Stephens – September 2021

Please join UCF Human Resources in congratulating the USPS Employee of the Month (EOM) for September 2021: Peter Stephens.

Peter Stephens is a Law Enforcement Corporal in the UCF Police Department. His nominators, Major Derrick Stockdreher and Deputy Chief David Zambri, had this to say about him:

“Over the past few months, Corporal Stephens at UCFPD has taken on the additional duty and responsibility for the Special Events role at UCFPD that had recently become vacant. Stepping in to assist when campus was getting ramped up with events and activity taking on the very, very, large task of putting together the operations plan, staffing hundreds of law enforcement personnel from all around central Florida and countless other details that outsiders have no idea what is done behind the scenes to pull off such a large-scale event.

Corporal Stephens is the man you see working on the message boards, hear on the phone coordinating personnel from other agencies, juggling staffing when those same people back out at the last minute, and one of the many who worked way past 2am that first game and still came in early the next morning to start working on the next football game. Corporal Stephens is a tireless wonder that is always busy making things happen however, watching the many long hours he put in working with everyone to ensure that the public safety aspect of these events is taken care of did not go unnoticed. Corporal Stephens is the perfect example of the extra degree put into making things happen at UCF, and it is a pleasure to nominate him for this accolade.”

As USPS Employee of the Month, Peter receives a one-time $200 cash award, $25 from UCF Business Services, $25 from UCF Bookstore, and a goody bag. He is now eligible for the USPS Employee of the Year $2,500 award, announced at the UCF Knight Star Awards.

The University of Central Florida USPS Employee of the Month and Year Awards recognize exceptional performance of currently employed USPS staff.  We welcome your nomination and assistance in recognizing exceptional university employees.  To see eligibility criteria or to nominate someone, click here.