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Alan Elliot – January 2022

Please join UCF Human Resources in congratulating the USPS Employee of the Month (EOM) for January 2022:  Sergeant Alan Elliot.

Alan is a Law Enforcement Sergeant in the UCF Police Department. His nominators had this to say about him: 

“Sgt. Elliot has worked for UCF Police Department since March 2007. In that time, he has served in different ranks, but he is always one of the most active employees in the department and does whatever he can to help in every situation he encounters. In January 2022, Sgt Elliot was working patrol on the main campus when he was flagged down by a family of four (mother, father and two sons) who were from the Netherlands on vacation in Orlando. They were lost and looking for the Health Department. While on vacation in Orlando, the parents contracted COVID-19. This can be scary enough, but when you are in a foreign country with no support system it can be overwhelming and terrifying. Because of their infections, they were unable to fly home until testing negative. The mother tested negative, but the father continued to test positive 12 days after initially testing positive! Their embassy was not able to help them, and their finances were running out in Orlando. Sgt Elliot told them they might be able to get a clearance from a doctor even though the test keeps being positive. Sgt Elliot contacted local urgent care centers and was able to find them a doctor who said they could come in and he would see what he could do to help them. Sgt Elliot also gave the two sons stuffed animals to help brighten their days. On his next shift, Sgt. Elliot received a text message from the family. They had arrived home in the Netherlands and said that they would have never made it home without him! They said their son named his stuffed animal Elliot after him. 

Sgt. Elliot is constantly looking for ways he can help others while on duty and off. Sgt. Elliot works hard to keep people safe on campus and thinks outside of the box in a progressive, professional, and innovative way. Sgt. Elliot working with community partners to make a big impact in the lives of these visitors to the UCF Campus.” 

As USPS Employee of the Month, Sergeant Elliot receives a one-time $200 cash award, $25 from UCF Business Services, $25 from UCF Bookstore, and a goody bag. He is now eligible for the USPS Employee of the Year $2,500 award, announced at the UCF Knight Star Awards. 

The University of Central Florida USPS Employee of the Month and Year Awards recognize exceptional performance of currently employed USPS staff. We welcome your nomination and assistance in recognizing exceptional university employees. To see eligibility criteria or to nominate someone, click here.