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Pay and Tax Statements

About Your Paycheck

The University of Central Florida operates on a bi-weekly payroll cycle. The work week begins on Friday and ends two weeks later on Thursday.

UCF Regulation 3.039 requires mandatory participation in the direct deposit program as a condition of employment. Therefore, all employees, except undergraduate work study students, are required to establish direct deposit as a condition of employment. Employees who are unable to establish banking relationships, by special arrangement with Addition Financial, Bank of America, Fairwinds Credit Union and Sun Trust Bank, will be allowed to establish a limited banking relationship with no associated fees within limits set by each financial institution. Employees who consider their circumstances to be special, may request an exemption by submitting a written request detailing the specific reason(s) for the exemption to the Director of Human Resources. The employee will not be required to establish direct deposit while the request for exemption is under review. The employee will have thirty days to establish direct deposit if the Director of Human Resources denies the request for exemption.

Employees who wish to have their payment deposited into a checking account must attach a voided personal check to the Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Employees who wish to have the payment deposited into a savings account must verify the transit routing number (9-digit number) with the bank or credit union in which the money should be deposited. Deposit slips do not contain the transit routing number.

Failure to enroll in the direct deposit program or failure to obtain an approved exemption means the employee has not met a condition of his or her employment.

A savings or checking account at a financial institution (based in the United States) is all that is required for direct deposit. Commercial banks and credit unions are considered financial institutions. Some commercial banks offer free or reduced cost accounts with the use of direct deposit. You are encouraged to check with various financial institutions during the selection process. Human Resources has established business relationships with Bank of America, CFE, Fairwinds Credit Union and SunTrust Bank to ensure that all UCF employees will be able to open some type of account, regardless of credit history.

There have been recent changes to the payment system rules for direct deposit of payroll. Employees who receive their payroll via direct deposit at a U.S. bank and then have the entire payroll amount forwarded to a bank in another country please advise Payroll Services. There are new formatting requirements for these transactions that the university needs to follow. It will not impact your paycheck.

Employees who have completed the Direct Deposit Authorization Form will not receive a printed paycheck, nor will they receive a printed itemized pay statement. Employees are able to access their itemized payment statement via Employee Self Service.

Employee Self Service allows employees to view their current elections, and/or make changes at their convenience. Step by step instructions are provided for accessing Employee Self Service. The following can be viewed and/or updated by employees:

  • View Paycheck (and print statements)
  • Voluntary Deductions (view only)
  • Direct Deposit (change your account information)
  • My Total Rewards (view and print statements)
  • Compensation History (view only)
  • W-4 Tax Information (change your withholding)
  • View W-2/W-2c Forms (view and print statements)
  • W-2/W-2c Consent (change your election to electronic)
  • W2 Reissue Request (request duplicate W2s)

For your convenience, a manual has been developed to assist you. See 9.2 Employee Self Service User Guide.

Earnings statements for any pay period prior to December 31, 2003 must be requested from the Bureau of State Payrolls. You may contact the Employee Records Section by calling (850) 413-5513 or via email at Earnings statements for the years 2004-present can be obtained through Employee Self Service in the myUCF Portal.

For employees who are not required to participate in Direct Deposit, or who have received an exemption by the Human Resources Director, paychecks are processed biweekly.

Employees who receive an actual payroll check (not direct deposit) should visit Human Resources on payday with photo identification in order to pick up his or her paycheck.

If for some reason the employee is unable to pick up his or her paycheck, a designated person may be allowed to pick up the paycheck by following the proper procedure. The Authorization for Picking-Up Paychecks Form must be completed and submitted to Payroll Services the day the paycheck is picked up. Photo identification must also be available.

Please review paycheck information carefully and contact Payroll Services at (407) 823-2771 or if you have any questions.