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Disbursement of Payroll

Paycheck Pick-Up

For employees who are not required to participate in Direct Deposit, or who have received an exemption by the Human Resources Director, paychecks are processed bi-weekly according to the Payroll Calendar.

If for some reason the employee is unable to pick up his or her paycheck, a designated person may be allowed to pick up the check by following the proper procedure. The Authorization for Picking-Up Paychecks Form must be completed and submitted to Payroll Services the day paychecks are to be picked up. Photo identification must also be available.

On Demand Requests for Payment

If for some reason an employee did not receive a paycheck on payday, an on-demand check request can be requested by the department manager or HRBC via a Workday Help Case (the on-demand form must be attached). Please be aware that a $50.00 fee per check request will be charged to the department. If the error was a result of Human Resources’ processing, the fee will be waived.

To request an on-demand check, please complete the On Demand Check Request Form and attach it to a Workday Help Case.

Once Payroll Services has processed the check/payment, the person who prepared the Workday Help Case with the attached form will be notified the case has been reviewed and when they payment will be completed and for the requestor to notify the employee when to expect the deposit or paper check (if no active direct deposit).

Overpayment Recovery

Overpayments can occur at UCF because of some of the following reasons:

  • Inaccurate or falsified timesheets
  • Error in keying daily time in the PeopleSoft Timesheet Page
  • Department requests a retroactive payment for hours that were already processed
  • Error in the compensation rate on the ePAF
  • Revision of a compensation rate or full-time equivalency that is retroactive or not keyed by the deadline
  • Department submitting termination paperwork late and not entering leave without pay for scheduled hours after termination date
  • Department not entering leave without pay for employees who did not work their entire schedule and did not have enough accrued leave time to be in pay status for time not worked

As of January 2005, the following policy was approved:

Whenever efforts to recover university funds from individuals are required because of incorrect or untimely salary payments or cancellations of payments, the departments responsible will be charged a 25% recovery fee by Human Resources, based upon the total amount to be recovered. The recovery fee will be assessed upon notification of the situation to the department involved and a journal entry will be initiated by Payroll Services. This fee is meant to both cover some of the associated costs, and also to provide a clear incentive for all parties to make timely and accurate submissions for payroll actions.

Click on Salary Overpayment Penalty to view the policy.

Retroactive Payment Requests

Retroactive payments are defined as payments owed to an employee for time worked in a prior pay period (other than the one that is currently being processed per the Payroll Schedule). Below is a brief list of some reasons for a request:

  1. Late ePAF
  2. Late Tmesheet submission
  3. Lost Timesheet

To request a retroactive payment, please complete the Retroactive Payment Request Form.

Retroactive payments requests are normally due at 10:00 a.m. (the day prior to the payroll window opening). The deadlines are posted on the Payroll Calendar on a monthly basis. All required documentation and signatures are due in HR by the deadline, or the request will be pended for a future pay period (assuming the required documentation is received by Payroll Services for that future pay period).

This form can be delivered to HR through inter-campus mail, delivered by courier, or faxed to (407) 823-0582.

If you have any questions regarding paycheck procedures, please contact Payroll Services at