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Additional Payments

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Additional Payments

Dual Compensation/Dual Employment:

If an Exempt employee has a 1.00 FTE in a line position, and works for a secondary department in a position unrelated to their primary position, this is referred to as dual compensation.  Dual compensation can also be referred to as “overload” in the instances of faculty employment, when the faculty member is exceeding a 1.00 FTE for their same department.

If a Non-Exempt employee has a 1.00 FTE in a line position, and would like to work for a secondary department in a position unrelated to their primary position, this is referred to as dual employment.  Non-Exempt employees may not do Dual Compensation due to their non-exempt status under FLSA.  These employees must complete the appropriate form and record all hours worked on timesheet for overtime pay.  Please refer to the UCF Non-Exempt Dual Employment Procedure for specific instructions.

Please refer to the links below for more information:

Cell Phone Allowance:

Due to the nature of the job, some employees may be eligible for a cell phone device or service reimbursement.

Compensatory Leave Payouts:

USPS Non-Exempt employees are eligible to request payouts on Overtime Compensatory and/or Special Compensatory Leave accumulated in their leave balances.  *All unused and unpaid balances as of 6/30/18 will be paid out.

On-Call and Call-Back:

On-Call payments are made to A&P Non-Exempt, USPS Non-Exempt, and regular non-exempt OPS employees who have been instructed, in writing, by the appropriate management to remain available to work during an off-duty period. There are several provisions applicable to on-call assignments.

Call-Back payments are made if an employee is called back to work beyond the employee’s scheduled hours of work for that day. The employee shall be credited for actual time worked as well as time to and from the employee’s home to the assigned work location or minimum of two (2) hours, whichever is greater.

For information regarding the provisions of this type of payment, please download the On-Call and Call-Back Form .

*This form should only be used after management has carefully considered whether the employee can or cannot perform the assignment during regular work hours.

Salary Supplement Request Form:

Employees should be hired through the ePAF and submit appropriate documentation for time reporting.  Payroll does process some payments that are not considered regular wages for labor or services.  In those instances, the Salary Supplement Request Form is used to process payments such as: Awards, Uniform/Tool Allowance, Criminal Justice Incentive Pay, Non-Qualified Moving Expenses, One-Time Performance Payments, and “Other” types of payments that are not regular wages.

Questionable Payments:

Purchase Orders, Limited Purchase Orders and Purchase Requisitions should be used when the person is not a current UCF employee and is considered an independent contractor by the IRS factors. These forms can be found on the Finance & Accounting and Purchasing Web pages. There are 20 factors to consider when determining employee/employer relationship. Some of these factors are: work place, training, instructions, set hours, reports, etc. For a complete list, please visit the IRS web page at