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The HR PeopleSoft Advisory Group (HRPAG)

Over time HRIS recognized the need for, and then developed a focus group to review the delivered functionality of the new system to:

  • Discuss best practices for use of the new functions
  • Provide recommendations for future system enhancements when regulations constrain changes in business practices

The focus group, known as the Human Resources PeopleSoft Advisory Group (HRPAG), is comprised of University employees that process both payroll and ePAFs.

If you would like to speak with a representative from HRIS, please call (407) 823-2771 or e-mail [email protected].


  • How do I get access to PeopleSoft or PageUp in order to do my Job?

    Please refer to the following matrix to determine what prerequisite courses you need to take and what security form needs to be completed in order to gain access to the various modules in PeopleSoft or PageUp.

  • I can’t find a page in PeopleSoft and I know I have access to it.

    One common reason that users are unable to find pages in PeopleSoft is that they are in the wrong database. After you have logged into myUCF you will need to make a selection under Staff Applications. Campus Solutions and Human Capital Management are visually similar, but most of the data they contain is very different. Most Human Resources related information is under Human Capital Management. If you are not sure where you are you can look at the URL in the web browser. If you are in Human Capital Management, you will see If you are in Campus Solutions you will see If you are in the wrong database, navigate back to myUCF and select the correct database under Staff Applications.

  • PeopleSoft is acting “weird.” I can’t open pages I used to be able to or I’m getting strange errors.

    While this could be a big issue, many times it’s caused by something very simple that can be easily fixed by the user. The most common culprits are cache and browser issues. If you experience performance that is out of the ordinary, the fist thing that is recommended it clearing your cache. You can find more details here on how to clear your cache. Sometimes the issue is browser related. The browser you are using may not be supported and you will need to be updated. You can also try using a different browser (for example, switch to Chrome if you are currently using Edge). Occasionally you may have multiple windows of the same browser open and the site open in one window conflicts with PeopleSoft. If you have multiple widows of the same browser open, close them all and relaunch the browser. If all else fails, rebooting your computer can frequently reset and eradicate the issue. If you continue to experience issues, send an email (preferably with screen shots of the error or issue if possible) to [email protected].

  • Why are my employees (or former employees) receiving “New Hire” training notifications?

    New Hire and Rehire employees will receive automated emails from the system if they have not yet completed any of the 7 required trainings at any point during their current or previous employment with UCF.  The system reviews the employee’s training history and if a status of “complete” is not listed for any of the required courses, then an email reminder is sent out requesting the completion of the training requirement.

    • If an employee receives the reminder emails, then they have met the criteria that requires them to register for and complete the trainings.
    • All employee types are required to take these trainings, including student employees.  If the employees work for UCF, then they must take these trainings.
    • If employees have previously taken the required training, they will not be asked to complete the training again unless the course is required to be completed annually.
    • If an hourly employee’s employment has ended, but their department has not yet terminated their employment with the university in the system, then a reminder email may be sent out to the employee to complete the required trainings.  The department can prevent these reminders from going to recently terminated employees by ensuring the timely termination of employees who have separated from the university.
  • Why are my encumbrances not calculating as I expected?

    PeopleSoft calculates encumbrances on a calendar day basis based on a number of factors for an employee.   Encumbrances are calculated based on the remaining salary to be paid from today until the end of the Fiscal Year on June 30th.

    If you would like to reduce the encumbrance for an employee you could consider one of the following options:

    1. Enter a future dated termination date into the system if you know when the employee’s employment will end.
    2. Verify that the funding sources have the correct distributions listed for them in the system.
    3. Make sure that the employee’s standard hours correctly reflect the average weekly hours of the employee.
    4. If an employee is funded by a project or a grant funding source, then make sure that the funding end date is accurate for the employee. If an employee specific end date is not listed, then the grant’s end date will be listed and the employee will encumber their salary until the end of the grant, which sometimes causes over-encumbrance.

    If you are running a report in PeopleSoft Financials and you see a potential issue with your encumbrances, then please also run one of the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management Reports that are found in our HCM Report Guide. There are 5 different reports included in this guide related to encumbrances. The report names include the following: BIP_ENC_C1, BIP_ENC_C2, BIP_ENCUM_E1, BIP_ENC_E2, and BIP_ENC_E3. Your access to these reports will vary based on your security access.

    Running these reports in HCM may assist with answering your questions that you had from the Financials reports.  However, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions that you may have.  When possible, please be sure to include the output from your HCM and Financial reports showing the values in question as this will assist us with our research.

  • Why is my employee being paid from a funding source that I did not indicate on my ePAF/eForm?
    1. The employee’s funding source may have expired.  This occurs with projects and grant funding.  Expiration dates can be entered into the system for a particular employee that are earlier than the entire project’s expiration date.
      1. Verify that the funding end date listed in the system has not expired.  If the date has expired, then you can extend the expiration date if the employee should continue to be paid from this funding source.
      2. If the funding has expired, the department’s “Suspense” or “Department Default Funding” source will be charged instead of the expired project/grant.

    Resolution: Create a Funding Distribution Change eForm to update the funding end date or change the funding source to a non-expired funding.

    1. The funding level may have been accidentally inactivated on a ePAF or eForm.
      1. When Funding Distribution Change eForm is being processed, if the originator deletes a funding level (i.e. Appointment Level funding) from the form, then the system will inactivate the employee’s funding at that level.
      2. Instead of deleting future dated funding levels on the eform, the funding should be updated to indicate the appropriate funding as of those particular dates.
      3. It is important to remember not to delete entire funding levels or effective dates when processing the Funding Distribution Change eForm.

    Resolution: Create a new Funding Distribution eForm to re-enter the desired funding at the correct funding level that was previously inactivated.

    It is important to periodically verify your employees funding so that you can ensure that they will be paid as you expect.

    To assist you in this review, you can run one of the BI Publisher Reports in PeopleSoft HCM:

    Navigation: Log into PeopleSoft Human Capital Management > Reporting Tools > BI Publisher > Query Report Viewer.

    In the “Report Name” field enter the report name:

    • “BIP_EMP_EF1”  This report will enable to view the current active funding for all employees within your Home Department Security.
    • “BIP_EMP_EF5” This report will provide you with the active funding in the system including information regarding funding end dates and future dated rows.  This will enable you to see the entire list of current and future funding sources.