An employee of the University of Central Florida who is a certified Disaster Service Volunteer of the American Red Cross may be granted a leave of absence with pay for not more that 15 working days in any 12 month period to participate in specialized disaster relief services for the American Red Cross. Such leave of absence may be granted upon the request of the American Red Cross and upon the approval of the employee’s employing agency. An employee granted leave under this section shall not be deemed to an employee of the state for purposes of workers compensation. Leave under this act may be granted only for services related to a disaster occurring within the boundaries of the State of Florida, except that, with the approval of the Governor and Cabinet, leave may be granted for services in response to a disaster occurring within the boundaries of the United States.

The local American Red Cross Chapter will send a letter to the employee’s supervisor indicating that the employee has met the training requirements and have become a member of the Disaster Services Human Resource System. This will certify the employee as being eligible for the University’s Disaster Relief Procedure.

In the event of disaster or emergency, the employee will be notified by the local American Red Cross Chapter as to where to report for assignment. The employee must complete the Volunteer Service Agreement-Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Legal Sources:
* State of Florida Section 110.120 (Administrative Leave for Disaster Services Volunteers) Florida Statutes
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