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Performance Appraisals

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Performance Appraisals

The job performance of each USPS and A&P employee is to be reviewed (discussed) annually to ensure performance standards are met, to review the employee’s position description (if necessary), to enhance communications, and to convey the supervisor’s performance expectations for the coming year. Additional reviews may be scheduled by the supervisor at any time to discuss changes in one or more areas of the employee’s performance, a change in supervision, changes in job duties or the priority of job duties, or a change in the supervisor’s job performance expectations.

The performance appraisal (USPS and A&P) shall be completed by the employee’s immediate supervisor and reviewed by the department head. Department heads will sign the evaluation and may attach any written comments they deem appropriate. The final appraisal should then be reviewed with the employee, who, after the review, shall sign the evaluation form. Should the employee disagree with the comments, he/she has the right to make whatever written comments he/she feels necessary within 5 business days. Before issuing a below effective performance appraisal to an employee, please contact your HR Business Center for guidance.

Performance Appraisals FAQs

USPS Probationary Review

Using the USPS Performance Review Form, written appraisals of a USPS employee’s job performance shall be conducted during the sixth month of the employee’s initial probationary period with the University.  USPS employees in positions which have a six month probationary period will serve only one (1) probationary period.  After they have attained regular status, they will not be required to serve an additional probationary period unless there is a break in service. The initial probationary review is required to be sent to Human Resources. Supervisors have up to 30 days to complete and submit to Human Resources.  If the probationary review is not completed and submitted to Human Resources, the employee will automatically attain regular status.

Annual Review (USPS and A&PJanuary – December

Thereafter, if the employee’s overall performance level hasn’t changed, performance appraisals shall be conducted and turned in on the University wide performance review due date of February 15th. USPS and A&P employees whose hire date lies between July 1st and December 31st will be exempt from the Annual Performance Review immediately following their hire date. However, no USPS employee, regardless of their initial hire date with the University, is exempt from his or her initial 6-month probationary review. A notification of reviews not received will be sent to the Deans/VPs.

Faculty Evaluations

For information on Evaluations of Faculty Performance please visit the Office of Faculty Excellence.