Compensation Project Overview 

As of May of 2016, UCF and Sibson Consulting began working on a formal project to redesign UCF’s compensation structure. This project involves A&P, Executive Services, and USPS employees across the University.

The project is expected to last 18–20 months and includes the following phases:

  • Establish a compensation philosophy;
  • Determine job architecture, which includes job families and career-leveling frameworks;
  • Determine job titles, collect position descriptions, and map employees to jobs;
  • Conduct market competitiveness assessment and update job descriptions to reflect current jobs;
  • Develop salary structure and job evaluation system;
  • Develop pay guidelines; and
  • Communicate and plan for implementation

The following link provides an overview of the project, as well as information about Sibson: UCF Compensation & Sibson Project Overview