UCF Compensation Project

University of Central Florida Compensation Project

Compensation Project Needs Assessment


UCF identified a need to assess its classification and compensation concepts and procedures. To assist in the initial needs assessment, UCF sought the help of Sibson Consulting.

The outcome of this review found the below areas that are creating challenges:

  • A limited number of very generic classifications which:
    • Internally leads to title inflation, pay compression, pay inversion, and reporting issues;
    • Creates challenges in external recruiting and retention
  • Ambiguous guidelines for pay changes— as a result, is hard for managers to use to guide decisions and difficult to explain to employees; and
  • Working titles used as a work-around for generic classifications. Therefore, more guidelines are needed.

Desired Outcomes:

As a result of the study, UCF established the below desired outcomes from this project:

  • A new, more modern approach to compensation with market alignment and clear career progressions;
  • A system which allows managers and HR liaisons to guide better compensation decisions; and
  • Clearer guidelines for management of title and job changes, reclassification requests, and salary change request.

Project Updates and Resources:

Compensation Project Overview

Compensation Project Advisory Group