UCF Classification and Compensation Project

University of Central Florida Compensation Project

Ensuring that our talented, hard-working employees are compensated fairly and competitively is a top priority for our university. That’s why in 2016 we began an initiative to redesign our job classification and employee compensation structure, with the help of colleagues throughout the university, a top national consulting firm and university leadership. This initiative involved about 3,500 employees whose Administrative & Professional (A&P) and University Support Personnel System (USPS) positions were thoroughly evaluated over the past couple of years.

Our goal is to provide more consistent job titles for similar job responsibilities across campus as well as a clearer path for employees to advance in their careers. We also aimed to establish clearer guidelines for requests for salary increases and promotions.

Phase I of the study is now complete, and as a result we have updated pay grades, pay ranges and job titles. Some employees are assigned new job titles, and all employees are assigned an updated pay grade.

Phase II of the study involves increasing salaries for employees who are currently below the market minimum of their new salary grade. These employees were notified that their current salaries are below their new pay grade minimums.

Salary increases for those notified were effective June 14 and will appear in July 5 paychecks, bringing these employees to the identified minimum of their assigned pay grade.

Some colleges and divisions requested position reassessments as a result of the study. Any salary adjustments approved as a result of reassessments will be reflected in the employee’s July 5 paycheck.

Below you will find more information to help you understand the project and how it will affect you. We are excited about how the changes will help us attract and retain great talent at UCF.  If you have further questions about the project, contact the Human Resources Compensation team at compproject@ucf.edu.

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