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Classification & Compensation

Current Employees


Classification & Compensation is dedicated to maintaining a compensation program focused on attracting, retaining, and rewarding a highly qualified and diverse workforce to serve students, faculty, and staff.

The role of the Compensation section at UCF is to:

  • Develop and maintain the UCF compensation strategy in compliance with external regulations;
  • Develop and monitor competitive compensation and classification structures;
  • Make salary recommendations for compensation actions for A&P and USPS (staff) positions;
  • Assist hiring managers and college/division/department administration in making pay and classification decisions and compensation planning.

Additionally, the Compensation section:

  • Implements university wide salary increases;
  • Processes and approves compensation actions via the ePAF system;
  • Manages position data in the PeopleSoft system;
  • Maintains A&P and USPS (staff) position descriptions;
  • Oversees various other functions within the scope of setting classifications and salaries at the University.


  • How do I know my job title is in unit or out of a unit?

    All the information for our Unions can be found here or on the A&P and USPS Employee Pay Plan.

  • LIAISONS AND SUPERVISORS: Do I need to submit a request for a preliminary analysis?

    A preliminary request should be submitted for any compensation action request.  They allow for quicker turn around times and allows us to resolve any discrepancies before the start date.  Please see the compensation action check list for guidance.

  • LIAISONS AND SUPERVISORS: How do I submit a salary supplemental form for a one-time performance payment?

    Salary supplement and One Time performance payments should be submitted via the Salary Supplement Request eForm. This allows for quicker turn around gathers the appropriate signatures needed per UCF guidelines.

    Salary supplemental forms via paper are still accepted on a case-by-case basis.  If your request is deemed permissible for paper, please submit those forms to [email protected]

  • What are Job Families and Job Classifications?

    Job Families are positions grouped together by common vocations/professions that have similar knowledge, skills, and abilities at different levels of the job. Thus, a job family has jobs at progressing levels defining a career path for an individual with incremental requirements of the similar knowledge, skills, and abilities.

    Job Sub-Families are sub-sets within a job family and are used to further group jobs. The job family framework helps to group jobs by the nature of the work rather than by the organizational or reporting structure. Peers within a department are likely part of the same job family and may be part of the same job function.

    Comprehensive Job Families & Job Classifications

  • What is a position description?

    A position description is a document that specifically identifies the objectives, duties, and responsibilities of a position. Essentially, a position description explains the what – how – why of a position and is based on UCF approved job classification specifications that are used as a starting point when developing the individual position.

    Specifically, position descriptions:

    • Assist Human Resources with setting accurate classification and competitive pay and determining the proper Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) status
    • Serve as the basis for setting standards for an employee’s performance
    • Are helpful to job applicants, employees, supervisors, and Human Resources staff during the employment process
    • Prevent any possible misunderstanding by informing employees what they need to know to successfully perform their jobs and fulfill the mission of the University
    • Should be maintained in the department’s files and Human Resources
    • Should be no older than two (2) years old
    • Should be signed by the employee, direct supervisor of the position, and Human Resources
  • Who do positions descriptions help?
    • Job Applicants applying for jobs
    • Employees understanding what is expected of them
    • Supervisors completing performance evaluations
    • Human Resources setting accurate classification and competitive pay and determining the proper Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) status

    The position description forms for A&P and USPS positions are located on the HR website under Forms & Documents. For more information on Position Descriptions, refer to the HR-Compensation website under Position Descriptions.

  • Why is my position determined to be exempt or non-exempt?

    Federal and state laws require that overtime be paid for certain jobs that are not exempt from the overtime requirements and therefore entitled to overtime pay for all time worked beyond 40 hours in a week.

    In accordance with legal requirements, the classification of a job as exempt or non-exempt depends on the content of the job as outlined in the federal regulations. Criteria include type of job responsibilities, reporting relationships, and/or qualifications of the person. It does not depend on how the employee (or manager/supervisor) wants to classify the job. UCF Human Resources will make the final decision as to whether a job is exempt or non-exempt based on an analysis of the job as compared to federal regulations.

    Please refer to the Department of Labor’s website for additional details on FLSA: