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Name and/or Address Changes

You must notify a number of agencies and departments when you change your name and/or address. This chart will help you to make the appropriate notifications.

Qualifying Status Changes

State and federal regulations prohibit additions, changes or cancellations of enrollment in pre-tax plans unless an enrollee experiences a certain type of change known as a “Qualifying Status Change event,” or “QSC.”

Qualifying Status Change

Qualifying Status Change events include such events as a change in employment status (e.g., beginning employment with a new employer or terminating employment), a loss of insurance coverage and certain changes in personal status (e.g., marriage, having children or acquiring new dependents).

Note: Most changes must be made within 60 days after the event has occurred. After the 60 day deadline, employees must wait until the annual open enrollment period to make the necessary changes.

For assistance with changes and to determine eligibility, please contact the PeopleFirst Service Center at 1-866-663-4735.

Changing Pay Plans

If your position changes to a different employee class, your benefits may be affected. Some examples of employee class changes are:

  • A&P to Faculty
  • A&P to USPS
  • A&P to OPS
  • Faculty to A&P
  • USPS to A&P
  • USPS to Faculty
  • Etc.

Refer to the Employment Classification Change Matrix for additional information regarding how insurance, retirement and leave accruals are impacted.


If you are terminating employment with the University of Central Florida, the Offboarding Guide should be referenced, as it has very helpful information regarding how benefits are affected.