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Limited Pay Action Requests

Effective June 7, 2021, UCF HR will be able to consider and process limited pay action requests with guidance from your department/division leadership. Your units/departments/colleges may now submit specific actionable requests to UCF HR Compensation as follows:

  • Requests for One Time Performance Pays (OTPPs)/Spot Awards should be submitted using the current process as outlined in UCF HR Compensation’s Pay Administration Guidelines.
    • These requests must receive approval from the appropriate division head (Dean or Vice President).
  • Counteroffers will continue to be entertained as outlined in the Pay Administration Guidelines.
  • Temporary Pay Increases (TPI’s) will be considered as outlined in the Pay Administration Guidelines.
  • Reclassifications for individual contributors will be considered if:
    • The scope of their job has increased by 30% or more for at least 6 months and these duties are now considered permanent as is consisted with the current Pay Administration Guidelines.
    • The re-class is related to structural changes within the department per the Pay Administration Guidelines.
    • A reorganization of a division or college or college department is taking place.

OTPPs/Spot Awards and Counteroffers will take priority when processing requests. Reclassification requests will be processed thereafter.

All submissions to UCF HR Compensation will be completed based on the submission date if all information and materials are provided. Incomplete and/or unauthorized requests will delay the review. Once the request is appropriately authorized and finalized, it will be effective on the beginning of the next available UCF pay period.

Requests are not guaranteed approvals and should not be communicated to employees until a final confirmation is provided that the request is finalized and approved.

The following Limited Pay Action approvals will not generally be considered at this time:

  • Out-of-cycle merit increases
  • Market reviews unrelated to a reorganization or reclassification
  • Division/College one-time payments for all staff

The Pay Administration Guidelines can be viewed online.

Questions related to the UCF Limited Pay Action Process should be directed to