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Open enrollment for the UCF Sick Leave Pool is March 1-31, 2023. To be eligible for membership, applicants must be employed with UCF continuously for at least one year and have accrued 64 hours of sick time off as of March 2023. New members are required to donate 16 hours of their sick time off; part-time employees will donate an amount proportionate to their FTE. Membership letters will be sent to new applicants by early April 2023.

Please note that if you are a current member of a Sick Leave Pool, you do not need to rejoin during open enrollment. The first link listed below includes details on how to verify your current membership status.

Interested faculty and staff should apply via Qualtrics at Please direct any questions to the Human Resources Leave Administration section at [email protected].


Sick Leave Pool Information:

UCF-3.026 USPS Sick Leave Pool Regulation:

UCF-3.0261 Faculty and A&P Sick Leave Pool Regulation: