Employee of the Month Winners & FAQs

Shirley Jeffrey – February 2021

Please join UCF Human Resources in congratulating the newest USPS Employee of the Month (EOM) for February 2021: Shirley Jeffrey.

Shirley Jeffrey is an Administrative Assistant III in Undergraduate Affairs in the College of Community Innovation and Education. Her nominators, Katy Weilant and Megan Mitchell had this to say about her:

“Shirley has shown commitment to UCF’s values. She possesses integrity and is always humble and honest with everything she does. She is a life-learner and is always striving to learn more and do more. She promotes a sense of community by treating our team like family and helps make us a cohesive unit. She consistently comes up with creative ways to help business practices move more efficiently. She takes a lot of pride in her work and holds herself to very high standards, showing her excellence. She strives to be the best she can be and continues to keep growing, personally and professionally at UCF.

Since our office has begun gradually re-opening after the COVID-19 campus closure, Shirley eagerly volunteered to work daily at both of our advising office locations on the main campus and downtown to prepare the office to meet with students, faculty, and staff in an environment that complies with CDC guidelines. Shirley is always the first to volunteer to do work behind the scenes that will make the jobs of her staff easier and better. She does these things with humility in that she truly wants to assist and serve the greater good, which is to serve our students, faculty, and staff. For anyone who knows Shirley, she takes a lot of pride in her work and is a vocal, passionate supporter of UCF and its mission to serve the Knights Community. All in all, the Undergraduate Affairs team is better because Shirley is a part of it.”

As USPS Employee of the Month, Shirley receives a $200 cash award, $25 from UCF Business Services and UCF Bookstore, and a goody bag. She is now eligible for the USPS Employee of the Year $2,500 award, announced at the UCF Knight Star Awards.

The University of Central Florida USPS Employee of the Month and Year Awards recognize exceptional performance of currently employed USPS staff. We welcome your nomination and assistance in recognizing exceptional university employees. To see eligibility criteria or to nominate someone, visit https://hr.ucf.edu/files/USPS-Employee-of-the-Month-Nomination-Process.pdf




EOM Deadlines

Who is eligible for Employee of the Month?

What does an Employee of the Month receive?

Who can nominate an employee for Employee of the Month?

How long will the nominated employee remain in the pool?

Who selects the Employee of the Month?

How can I market for USPS EOM nominations in my department?

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How do I nominate an employee?

If I have questions, who can I contact?

Who is eligible for Employee of the Month?

  • USPS employees in good standing with a minimum of 2 years USPS
  • Employees can only receive this award a maximum of one time
    every 3 years.**Human Resources will verify eligibility

What does an Employee of the Month receive?

  • Introduction to President and members of the Board of Trustees
  • Marquee announcement on the sign in front of UCF
  • Certificate and letter of recognition from the Chief Human Resources Officer/VP of Human Resources
  • Special gift from Theatre UCF
  • “Goody” bag from Human Resources
  • Surprise delivery from the prize patrol
  • Recognition at the Annual Employee Awards Program
  • One of the 12 Employees of Month will be named Employee of the Year and will receive a $2,500 (before taxes) check
  • One time $200 cash award (via paycheck)
  • Preloaded $25.00 Fairwinds Credit Union gift card that can be used at any retail business on campus
  • $25 in UCF Bookstore products

Thanks to Business Services for supporting our EOM program!

Who can nominate an employee for Employee of the Month?
  • Anyone with UCF affiliation can nominate a deserving candidate.  UCF affiliation refers to a fellow employee, student, parent of a student, or someone who conducts business with the university. For additional information please go to HR’s General Information and Process page found here.

How long will the nominated employee remain in the pool?

  • Each complete nomination packet will remain in the Employee of the Month pool for one year. After one year if the nominee is not chosen for Employee of the Month, the Nominator may resubmit the Nomination Packet in hard copy format or via the electronic process

Who selects the Employee of the Month?

  • The Employee Recognition Committee selects the Employee of the Month. The committee reviews the completed Nomination Packets and votes on the winner each month. The committee is comprised of USPS, A&P and Faculty employees.

2009-2021 Winners

How do I nominate an employee?

  •  If you would like to nominate a USPS employee, the EOM nomination packet is available in hard copy nominator form here and supporter form here or via electronic submission visit here.
  • If you have questions, please contact askhr@ucf.edu or 407-823-2771.