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USPS Employees of the Month Past Winners

Employee Recognition

USPS Employees of the Month 2022

April 2022 – Paul Henry, Recreation and Wellness Center

USPS Employees of the Month 2021

February 2021 – Shirley Jeffrey, College of Community Innovation and Education
April 2021 – Gloria Palacio, Office of the President
May 2021 – Nikitta Campbell, Department of Physics
June 2021– Raeesah Dalal, Student Accessibility Services
July 2021 – Sergeant Christopher Holt, UCF Police Department
October 2021 – Elizabeth Lozada-Rivera, Central Human Resources

USPS Employees of the Month, July 2019 – December 2020

July 2019 – Miriam Beckles, College of Sciences, Chemistry Department

August 2019 – Victoria Lall Bhagirath, UCF Health Services

September 2019 – Pamela McGlinchey, College of Arts & Humanities, Department of Modern Languages & Literature

October 2019 – Frank Imparato, UCF Police Department

November 2019 – Abner Ramos, UCF College of Medicine

December 2019 – Melissa Guadagnino, UCF Police Department

January 2020 – Ida Cerezzo, UCF Recreation & Wellness Center

February 2020 – Stephania Hayes, College of Engineering & Computer Sciences

March 2020 – Linda Rutsyamuka, Health Service Center, Academic Health Sciences Center

April 2020 – Arlene Flores, College of Arts & Humanities, School of Performing Arts

May 2020 – Jessica Torres, UCF Foundation

June 2020 – Shannon Cajigas, Sociology Department

July 2020 – Joanna Hoyt, College of Undergraduate Studies

August 2020 – Janet Feliciano, Housing & Residence Life

September 2020 – Judy Rechsteiner, College of Nursing

October 2020 – Gregg Nelson, UCF Police Department

November 2020 – Richard Colón, Office of Student Financial Assistance

December 2020 – Wendy McKnight, Rosen College of Hospitality Management

USPS Employees of the Month, Fiscal Year 2018 – 2019

July – Ashli Vanhorn, College of Arts & Humanities

August  – Jeanette Holder, UCF Connect

September – Hollesha Foster, College of Sciences Dean’s Office

October – Michael Guzman, Parking Services Operations

November – Aristotle Fidel Fernandez, Postal Services

December – Susan Sumser, Health Services

January – Liara Maharaj, Business Services

February – Jon Bowen, Nicholson School of Communication

March – Joan Reynolds, John C. Hitt Library

April – Natalia Giron, UCF Global

May – Megan Haught, John C. Hitt Library

June – Christine Rivera, College of Undergraduate Studies

USPS Employees of the Month – Fiscal Year 2017-2018

July – Julie Driskel, Office of Research and Commercialization

August – April Torre, Office of Research and Commercialization

September – Damien Chaffin, School of Teaching, Learning and Leadership in the College of Education and Human Performance

October – James McCully, Nicholson School of Communication in the College of Sciences

November – Debra Urban, College of Nursing

December – Sgt. Matthew Fazi, UCF Police Department

January – Iris Rios, College of Undergraduate Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies

February – Aracelis Nieves, Office of Student Development and Enrollment Services

March – Elizabeth Nemec, Office of Student Development and Enrollment Services

April – Dawn Tripp, John C. Hitt Library

May – Sheryl Rowell, Office of Student Development and Enrollment Services

June – Christine Suleski, UCF Regional Campus, Cocoa

USPS Employee of the Month – Fiscal Year 2016-2017

July – Elvis Wanamaker, SDES

August – Denise Whiteside, CREOL

September – Nicholas Schenk, Political Science

October – Katie Connolly, COHPA

November – Angela Leary, Daytona Regional Campus

December – Marlena Huntsman, Veterans Academic Resource Center

January – Josefina Rosario, Office of Undergraduate Admissions

February – LaVera Henderson, College of Health and Public Affairs

March – Kaitlyn Sweeney, College of Health and Public Affairs

April – Gary Burkhart, Housing Department

May – Elba Miscannon, Learning Support Services

June – Jerry Archambault, SDES