The Gabor Award, which is sponsored by The Gabor Agency, was established to recognize and reward the outstanding job performance of a selected Administrative & Professional (A&P) employee. The honoree, selected annually, will be announced during the Annual Employee Awards Program, and will receive a check for $2,500.

To be nominated to receive this award, the employees must meet the following criteria:

  1. The nominee must be employed in an established non-unit A&P position.
  2. The nominee must have a minimum of one (1) year of continuous university service before being nominated.
  3. Nominees may receive this award a maximum of one time every five years.
  4. The nominee’s contributions should exceed those that are expected of the employee during the normal course of performing their duties. (Position descriptions will be available to the selection committee for review.)
  5. The nominee should demonstrate the high standards and excellence expressed in the UCF’s Values and Creed, and the UCF Collective Impact Strategic Plan.

To nominate an employee, please fill out our nomination form here (form is best viewed in Internet Explorer).

If you have questions regarding the Gabor A&P Excellence Award, please contact Human Resources Learning and Organizational Effectiveness at (407) 823-2771 or


Gabor A&P Excellence Award Winners