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Information Technology Job Family

Classification & Compensation

Information Technology Job Family

Comprehensive job classifications for the corresponding titles in the Job Family are provided below.

Assistant/Associate Director, IT Performance and Service Management

Assistant Director, Applications Programming

Assistant Director, Instructional Technology

Assistant Director, Telecommunications

Assistant Director, Unified Communications

Assistant Vice President, InfoTech Business Center

Assistant Vice President, InfoTech Financial Systems

Associate Director, College IT Infrastructure

Associate Director, COM Applications Program

Associate Director, Enterprise Infrastructure

Associate Director, Financial Systems & Technology

Associate Director, IT Project and Planning

Associate Director, IT Service Strategy

Associate Director, IT Support Services

Associate Director, Network Services

Associate Director, Telecommunications

Associate Director, Unified Communications

Associate Vice President and Chief Operation Officer, UCF IT

Applications Programmer I, II, III, IV, V

Application Systems Analyst I, II, III, IV

Application Systems Programmer I, II

Audio Visual Specialist

Business Data Analyst I, II

Business Intelligence and Analytics Specialist I, II, III, IV

Business Systems Analyst I, II, III

Chief Information Security Officer and Associate VP

Client Server Operations Analyst I, II

Cloud Computing Engineer I, II, III

Cyber Risk and Compliance Program Manager

Database Engineer I

Data Security Analyst II

Data Warehouse Specialist

Design Engineer I, II, III

Digital Production Technician

Director, Enterprise Applications

Director, Enterprise Infrastructure

Director, Information Security

Director, Information Technology

Director, Instructional Technology

Director, Network and Telecommunications

Director, IT Support & Vendor Management

Director, Learning Resources

Director, Research Technology

Director, Web Development and Digital Strategy

Enterprise Architect I, II, III, IV

ERP Specialist

Field Services Engineer I, II, III

Financial Database Administrator

Information Security Professional I, II, III

Information Technology Analyst I, II, III

Information Technology Auditor I II

Information Technology Project Manager I, II, III

Instructional Learning Designer

Instructional Technology Specialist I, II, III

IT Audit Manager

IT Business Relationship Manager I, II

IT Client Support Specialist I, II, III, IV

LAN Technician Engineer I, II

Office Technology Manager

Manager, Application Systems Programming

Manager, Business Analysis

Manager, Business Intelligence and Analytics

Manager, Computer Operations

Manager, Database Services

Manager, Design Engineering

Manager, Enterprise Database

Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure

Manager, Field Services Engineering

Manager, Information Security

Manager, Information Technology I, II, III

Manager, IT Client Support

Manager, Media Production

Manager, Multimedia Events

Manager, Multimedia Services

Manager, Telecom Engineering

Manager, Web Content

Multimedia Specialist I, II, III

Network Architect II

Network Engineer I, II, III, IV

Network Planning Analyst III

Network Security Analyst I, II, III

Product Owner

Programmer Analyst I, II

Scrum Master

Search Engine Optimization and Data Analyst

Senior Director, IT Strategy & Planning

Server Programmer

Software Developer I

Software Systems Engineer I, II, III, IV

Systems Administrator I, II, III

Systems Architect

Systems Engineer I, II, III, IV

Systems Programmer I, II

Telecommunications Analyst I, II, III

Unified Communications Engineer I, II

Unified IT Communications Analyst I, II, III

Voice Communications Analyst II

Voice Communications Manager

Web Applications Developer I, II

Web Applications Manager

Web Content Specialist I, II

Web Designer I, II, III

Web Project Analyst