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Facilities Job Family

Classification & Compensation

Facilities Job Family

Comprehensive job classifications for the corresponding titles in the Job Family are provided below.

Asset Specialist I

Asset Specialist II, III

Assistant Director, Student Union (SDES)

Assistant Vice President, Facilities Operations

Associate Vice President, Facilities and Safety

Building Code Official

Building Specialist I, II

Campus Planner

Civil Engineer I, II

Construction Project Assistant

Construction Project Coordinator I

Contracts and Real Estate Specialist I, II

Controls Specialist I, II, III

Custodial Specialist I, II, III

Director, Energy and Utilities I, II

Director, Facilities Engineering

Director, Facilities Maintenance

Director, Facilities Management

Director, Facilities Planning I, II

Director, Housekeeping

Director, Landscape Natural Resources

Director, Quality Management

Director, Real Estate

Director, Real Estate Property Management

Director, Resource Management

Director, Space Utilization

Director, Sustainability

Engineering Project Manager

Engineering Technician

Facilities Scheduler

Facilities Specialist I, II, III

Fleet Manager

HVAC Specialist I, II

Machine Shop Manager

Machine Technician I, II

Maintenance Planner I, II

Manager, Asset Management

Manager, Building and Grounds

Manager, Building HVAC

Manager, Energy Management

Manager, Energy Services

Manager, Facilities Maintenance I, II

Manager, Facilities Operations

Manager, Facilities Planning

Manager, General Contracting

Manager, Housekeeping I, II

Manager, Landscape Natural Resources

Manager, Utilities

Manager, Utilities Production

Operations Manager

Plans Examiner I, II EHS

QA QC Construction Specialist

Reliability Engineer I, II

Senior Manager, Contracts and Real Estate

Senior Manager, Energy Services

Senior Manager, Utilities Production

Space Utilization Coordinator

Superintendent, Custodial Services

Superintendent, Facilities Maintenance

Superintendent, Groundskeeping

Superintendent, Utilities

Work Control Dispatch I, II, III