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Academic and Program Management Job Family

Classification & Compensation

Academic and Program Management Job Family

Comprehensive job classifications for the corresponding titles in the Job Family are provided below.

Academic Compliance Specialist I II III

Academic Evaluator I, II

Academic Program Coordinator I, II, III

Academic Support Coordinator I, II

Accreditation Program Approval Specialist II

Assistant Dean, Administrative Services

Assistant Dean, Burnett Honors

Assistant Dean, CCIE, Administrative Services

Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies

Assistant Dean, Planning Knowledge Management

Assistant Director, Academic Compliance

Assistant Director, Academic Program

Assistant Director, Faculty Excellence

Assistant Director, Graduate Thesis Dissertation

Associate Director, Academic Support Services

Associate Director, Analytics & Integrated Planning

Associate Vice President, Chief Analytics Officer

Associate Vice President, Institutional Knowledge Management

Associate Vice President, UCF Connect Admin Services

Chef II

Clerkship Administrator I, II

Continuing Education Coordinator

Data Analyst I, II

Director, Academic Compliance

Director, Academic Program

Director, Academic Support Services

Director, Continuing Education

Director, Data and Success Initiatives

Director, Faculty Excellence

Director, Institutional Knowledge Management

Director, Online Services

Director, Operations Adult Education Initiatives

Director, Operational Excellence and Assessment

Director, TRiO Programs

Faculty Development Specialist

Food and Beverage Specialist I, II

Institutional Research Analyst I, II

Internship Experiences Coordinator I II

Internship Experiences Manager

Manager, Academic Support Services

Manager, Academic Program

Manager, Continuing Education

Manager, Institutional Research

Manager, TRiO Programs

Manager, Tutoring Program

Planning and Knowledge Management Coordinator


Theater Arts Technician I

Theater Arts Technician II, III

Thesis Dissertation Coordinator

Tutoring Program Coordinator