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Hiring Freeze

COVID-19: HR Information

Faculty and Staff Hiring Freeze

Information on Spending and Hiring Freezes Update- May 11, 2021
Due to financial uncertainty as a result of COVID-19, the university imposed freezes on hiring, travel, and purchases in excess of $10,000 effective April 2020.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the state and our institution was preparing for possible revenue losses from decreased sales tax and possible decreases in enrollment. As a result, the state imposed a 6% revenue holdback on all state agencies.

Today, we have more clarity related to the effects of COVID on the state finances. The state has lifted the 6% revenue holdback effective April 2021 and has passed a budget, pending Governor signature, with minimal revenue reductions for the state universities.

Though the state budget is much clearer for both fiscal years 2020-21 and 2021-22, we are still faced with many unfunded mandates. These include things such as tuition waivers and increased employer contributions towards the pension plan which will have a significant effect on our available resources in the coming years.

We want to restore the responsibility of leaders to manage their budgets and make sound financial decisions during these times. University leaders are expected to be prudent in their spending and continue to support strategic imperatives such as operational excellence and supporting the university’s core mission of education and research.

Effective immediately, the freezes on hiring, travel, and purchases exceeding $10,000 are ended. Vice Presidents, Deans, Managers and Supervisors should put measures in place to ensure that expenditures are appropriately reviewed and approved by them while following established protocols.

Although the financial restrictions on travel are lifted, COVID-19 restrictions may apply. Please reference the UCF Global travel page (UCF Restricted Travel – UCF Global) to confirm any further travel restrictions imposed by the Department of State (DoS) or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

UCF Human Resources is revising the approval process for pay and hiring actions to ensure approval from unit leadership is obtained prior to posting.

Strategic Investment Fund

Earlier this fiscal year we redirected funds from across the university to establish a strategic investment fund. We are developing the process that will be used to determine priorities for investment. Please also know that decisions like this – shifting the use of funds to focus on strategic priorities – will continue in the future.

Thank you,

Michael D. Johnson
Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gerald Hector
Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance

Forms and FAQS

Hiring Review Request Forms:

We will continue to provide communication regarding when the hiring freeze will be lifted. If you have questions, please contact Renée Grigor, Director of Talent Acquisition at [email protected].