USPS Employee of the Month May 2017

May – Elba Miscannon

Please help us congratulate our newest USPS Employee of the Month (EOM) for May 2017 – Elba Miscannon.

Ms. Elba Miscannon is the Executive Administrative Assistant in the Learning Support Services within Student Development and Enrollment Services. She is described by her nominators as:

“Creative, committed, diligent, inclusive and loyal are all qualities that Elba possess. She has a very strong sense of integrity and contributes to an inclusive community, which permeates to others in our unit.
Whether it is tutoring a student, interpreting, helping students find jobs on campus, listening to students or helping someone, she is always willing to step up and step out to support her colleagues and UCF students.”


We’d like to thank this outstanding employee for her dedication and hard work. Elba receives a one-time $200 cash award, $25 from UCF Business Services and UCF Bookstore, an introduction at the UCF Board of Trustees, a marquee announcement, goody bag, certificate, and surprise presentation. Elba is now eligible for the USPS Employee of the Year $2,500 award, announced at the Annual Awards Program.
We’d also like to recognize her nominators, Alexander Fountain and Rachel Perry, who took the time to acknowledge her excellent efforts among their colleagues.
The University of Central Florida USPS Employee of the Month and Year Award recognizes exceptional performance of currently employed USPS staff. We welcome your nomination and thank you for helping to identify and recognize exceptional university employees. To see eligibility criteria or to nominate someone, visit Employee of the Month form.

Elba is now eligible for the USPS Employee of the Year $2,500 award, announced at the Annual Awards Program.
Congratulations again to Elba!!

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